Email Marketing Services

The real and most dynamic aspect about email marketing is that, unlike the regular Outlook or Gmail type emails, you can generate, mark and send alive emails that are quite engaging. Depending on the type of email you want to send, you can create customized email templates featured different layouts, themes, colors and photo options.

Today, because sending large quantities of unsolicited emails is considered illegal, it is important for you to comply with the Spam Act’s rules that clearly defines and draw a line about who you can and can’t send email marketing emails to. You can send emails to people who:

  • Subscribed up from your website.
  • Bought a product or service from you.
  • Gave you email address knowing you’d contact them.
  • Filled out a form and specified that they have no objection to be emailed.

At Trisa Softech, we can offer you right email marketing service that in turn could facilitate you overcome through all the unwanted hurdles that you are facing in optimizing the mailing platform. Our service could help you turn your contact lists into customers.

After gaining years of experience in digital marketing, we have developed our own methods and practices for bulk emailing and deliverability. Initially, we go through a comprehensive analysis of your present situation and email marketing needs, and depending upon complete understanding, our SEO experts help to channel your entire email marketing strategy. In fact, we work with a strategy to create the response from your subscribers, while ensuring the frequency and content do not result any high volumes of unsubscriptions.

Email marketing is not just a volume game, and so we ensure to send email by adding custom fields such as first name, age or city. We schedule your email marketing campaign at a suitable time and date of delivery and get delivery reports/notification, immediately into your subscriber’s inbox.

Noemail campaign is successful unless you maintain a proper tracking, and so at Trisa Softech, we track and report with each email marketing campaigns within minutes. Even we evaluate the number of delivered emails, bounced addresses along with their reasons.

Want to find out how email marketing strategy will benefit your business? Get in touch today to explore our email marketing service!!