How to Increase Domain Authority & Page Authority?

If you ask any blogger and a website owner about he or she want to achieve in his/her work, the probability would always be high that he or she would want to see the website ranks on the top of search engine list right? There are a lot of metrics that are defined but most commonly known of them all are Domain Authority and Page Authority which were made by Moz.

A Brief Overview of Domain Authority & Page Authority

Domain Authority is a score which ranges from 0 to 100 that tells how effectively a website is going to rank on Google and any other search engines. Any website that has got a relative high DA score will rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Similarly, Page Authority is a score which ranges from 0 to 100 that how well a single page will rank on Google and other search engines.A page with a high PA score will be eventually likely to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


Looks quite well attached, isn’t it? It is as well. If you focus, on DA, the website is more likely to get more views, more views give more views to the pages, so it increases PA as well. Boosting up PA would get more views and as the page gets posted on the website, consequently the clicks on the website increase along with DA as well.

Ways to Improve Domain and Page Authority Scores

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to increase Domain, Authority and Page Authority:


1)    High-Quality Content

To achieve high DA and PA score, you need to assure that your writing content is unique and is not plagiarised. Not just that, it should be an available content as well so it should be precious. The reason is that if your post is valuable, then it gets more liked by your viewers and gets loved by high-quality DA holders.

2)    SEO

SEO is considered as an essential requirement in the modern day blogger era. Almost all of the technical factors required for page titles, keyword placement, and keyword density. One more thing, the title of your post should be really attractive. It is safe to say that you should use your focus keywords while making a title.

If you don’t take care about SEO’s, then it will be tough to be ranked well on SERP’s in Google and other search engines.

3)    Linking to Internal Old Site’s Posts

If you link your posts to other posts, it will increase visitor’s time spent on your page as well as make your post more informative and hence more liked. This will also help search engine bots to find your website as well. The interlinking allows users to navigate to your site quickly.

4)    Get High-Quality Links

To acquire high-quality links is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. A lot of websites can provide you with the links you want but barely even one of them are of high quality, and it decreases your DA and PA score instead. So you need to handle this task yourself and promote your site on social media platforms and recommending people to have a look at your site as well.

5)    Remove all the bad links from your posts:

To omit bad links from the post might be the one you never witnessed off, but you can remove the bad links by using Google’s disavow tool. You need to make sure you remove all the bad links from your website regularly and get a better quality link instead.

6)    Patience

You might be thinking why patience? The reason is that the older the website is, the more are the chances to achieve DA, PA scores. It’s much because you were publishing high-quality content on your page and that’s why you survived, and your site is not spam.

7)    Post Daily

Yes, we know it is not an easy task to post on a regular basis. But if you do manage to post daily then improving your Domain Authority or Page Authority will be just a piece of cake.



Most of the bloggers are not consistent you know due to their daily life issues etc. That’s why they see fluctuations in their Authority scores. Domain Authority scores will increase as the number of posts increases it might not influence Page Authority as much, but as you can valuable viewers then, PA gets higher and higher. The primary focus of your work should be on your content. High quality is a key which will open every opportunity you need to rank higher in SERP’s. I don’t know about you, but the content seems to be an essential requirement at least to even think about increasing DA and PA scores. If you follow these steps, your DA score will undoubtedly improve.