Which Matters Most – Domain Authority or Trust Flow

There was a time when Google was updating an algorithm called PageRank.  But ever since this algorithm stopped updating in October 2014, Majestic’s trust and citation flow and Moz’s domain and page authority metrics arrived the scene and became one of the most valuable tools to measure a website’s value, and it’s rank.

Google using the parameters, i.e. domain authority, page authority, trust flow and citation flow when they position an article’s ranking in search engine. This is the reason, link metric analyst tools from Majestic and Moz have become an important factor in a search engine ranking position commonly known as SERP. But today we’ll take a look at the comparison between Moz’s Domain Authority and Majestic’s Trust Flow.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is basically based on the data collected from Mozscape web index including link counts, MozRank and MozTrust scores, and a lot of other factors about 40+ in total. According to Moz, actual Domain Authority calculation makes use of a machine learning model to find a “best fit” algorithm that correlates or matches to Mozscape data with rankings present in thousands of actual search results. So it means it is a qualitative algorithm and not a quantitative one due to the fact it can fluctuate at every update.  There are various factors involved in this metric therefore it addresses the higher level question of a domain’s “rank ability.”

Trust Flow

Trust flow measures the quality of your external backlinks. The higher trust flow you want, the more quality sites you need to be linked to your domain. A backlink can come in various form, it can be a social backlink, web profile backlinks, a directory backlinks, guest post backlinks or even a comment backlink. Unfortunately, you can’t control what kind of backlinks you can have, if a blogger find your resource useful and links to your post but his/her sites is full of spam then the backlink might be get flag as a low quality and in return will affect your trust flow.

Therefore when building links, it’s better to have 1 high quality backlink than 10 low quality backlinks. The higher trust flow you have, the easier for your site to rank in search engines. If the ratio of backlinks to a site increases provided that these links carry the trust flow, then it is clear indication of the site is getting decent response.

Comparison between Domain Authority and Trust Flow

Domain Authority is a Moz’s attempt to score how well a page of a website ranks on search engine results. It combines a lot factors to provide a number between 0 and 100 on an exponential scale.

On the other hand, Majestic Trust Flow is a score based on how many links a domain gets from a set of trusted sites. You could say that this is a distance that how much you are away from trusted sites. This way, it calculates a value on a linear scale from 0 to 100. A page with a high Trust Flow is counted as most trustworthy websites, and so one can calculate its value page wise as well as by domain, so Domain Authority is calculated for the website.


Majestic SEO and Moz agree on their own way of classifying authority of website. Moz is more generous than Majestic giving higher values, but this in itself doesn’t tell you which metric is better or related to SEO performance. It however gives confidence as these two companies independently giving their alternative ways.