Domain Authority VS Page Authority

What is Authority?

Authority is a property of any web page or a site that tells qualitatively that how much you can reach the target audience by getting visibility and a high rank in search engines. Moz has created a lot of qualitative measures for authority including MozRank and MozTrust but the ones that are widely famous as “domain authority” and “page authority”.

Domain Authority refers to the authoritative strength of an entire domain and Page Authority relates to the authentic power of a single page of that domain. The fundamental question remains -“Which of one the following is more important? And what are the differences in between these two authorities?” So how about we take a look at both of these authorities to perfectly get an idea of why you need these bodies and what difference does it make?

Domain Authority’s Strategies and Effects

Let’s take a look at the ways by which you can increase your domain authority first. It’s nearly impossible to increase your domain authority directly, but these techniques can improve your position after some time:

  • Create a lot of high-quality content on your website with a tight internal linking structure.
  • Work by using lots of high-quality inbound links both regarding external source authority and link relevance.
  • Completely remove the bad links directing to your site.
  • Give yourself some time as domain authority can increase either suddenly or slowly.

If you follow these techniques, you’ll slowly and steadily increase your domain authority for sure. With a high amount of domains in an authority core, all pages can have a great chance of ranking for the relevant set of queries. Domain authority gives a lot of flexibility like how, where, and when you create content and links and also carries wider effects. But one must also note the time and effort it takes to increase far more than page authority.

Page Authority’s Strategies and Effects

Here are the few simple tricks to influence page authority:

  • Create a page on a domain with high authority.
  • Always make sure that the content of your chosen page remains relevant, original and highly detailed.
  • Ensure that your page is functional and optimized for SEO.
  • Include an internal link to and from the page.
  • Earn lots of high-quality inbound links, both regarding external source authority and link relevance.
  • Remove any bad links pointing to your site.

Focus on Domain or Page Authority?

You must not forget that almost many rules that apply to domain authority also refer to page authority.  Domain authority and page authority possess a mutually beneficial relationship, i.e. building more links to your pages will raise your domain authority and hence by increasing your domain authority will increase the page authority of your pages.Page authority develops faster than domain authority which gives you a significant benefit in improving search engine rankings for one page.

Investing in domain authority is better for a long-term, and if you have given enough time, it will give you more inbound traffic. Hence it Domain authority demands a lot of your focus but focusing exclusively on only one page will not give your sites any high growth.On the opposite scenario, focusing on only on domain authority and not on page authority is a feasible long-term strategy. This is a focus on building your brand overall.


Though both are important to your search visibility, domain authority deserves more attention and prioritization than page authority. As it’s a long-term investment, it has potential and eradicates the problem of putting all your power in one basket.

Although you also must consider page authority as a useful tool if you have an excellent piece of content. In fact, if you want to emphasize on a particular page to compete in search results, creating its page authority is essential to give it an extra push.The key is to use these metrics strategically. You need to play the strategic game on domain authority to build your brand and focus on page authority in a situation when wanting one particular web page competing for a specific high-value keyword.